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Feel the artistic atmosphere of the Chinese mouse pad factory

Release date:2018-04-12 Source:本站 Pageviews:928
producted natrual rubber foam roll material are widely used in mouse pad,heating mouse pad, floor mat,door mat,yoga mat,desk mat,non-woven bar mat,beer mat,gaming mat,damp-proof mats, shock-proof mats, tent mats and so on.Daily production of natural rubber foam roll material 17000mmy;full technically independent and can produce rubber foam rolls and sheets with different properties according to different customer requirements.

In your mind, do Chinese mouse pad production factories have an artistic atmosphere? You will think of ordinary physical production factories: dirty, messy, smelly... In fact, looking at the artistic atmosphere is a kind of state of mind. The form of art here is simple, not so advanced, so just walk around Take a look, and you can get the edification of art, which is really different from what you feel in the streets and alleys. Every production link has the existence of art.


China Dongguan PADMAT@mouse pad factory follows Taishuo Electronics Factory in Shijie, Dongguan, which was built in 2014, and transformed the production workshop into LOFT. It is both fashionable and creative space that can give unlimited inspiration. It continues the glorious cultural heritage of production craftsmen and is China's The imprint of Dongguan's manufacturing industry development.


In the mouse pad factory, many original frameworks and facilities had to be preserved, and some modern and personalized transformations were done. Being in it seemed to have traveled through the time and space of the rubber industry and returned to the modern high-tech electronics industry. So many customers come here to take pictures, hoping to find the epitome of Dongguan, China's manufacturing industry.


When you are free at home, walk around the mouse pad manufacturing factory, you can feel the atmosphere of art, the texture of life, and the redefinition of the rubber industry. This is also the biggest gain for every visitor. Of course, most people should not have the same feeling as me, that is, just walk around and feel it. As for the life of a craftsman at a deeper level, you often need to experience it with your heart to understand it.

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