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PADMAT@old workshop scene

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producted natrual rubber foam roll material are widely used in mouse pad,heating mouse pad, floor mat,door mat,yoga mat,desk mat,non-woven bar mat,beer mat,gaming mat,damp-proof mats, shock-proof mats, tent mats and so on.Daily production of natural rubber foam roll material 17000mmy;full technically independent and can produce rubber foam rolls and sheets with different properties according to different customer requirements.

Looking back at the beginning of PADMAT@enterprise's establishment in 2009, my boss was called "ignorant of current affairs" by his peers. He didn't know what a mouse pad is, the production process of mouse pad rubber, and the sales market of mouse pads. , at the time when rubber was soaring, PADMAT@ began to test the water.

old workshop scene

old workshop scene

As a result, the ordering machine was cheated, and the production process went wrong... After a whole year of production, no mouse pad was produced, and more than a dozen workers were paid for rent by the factory. This has made the mouse pad industry a legend. joke. Even his relatives, friends and wives think he is a bit "shaky". He spends every day with the workers on the production line to study the craft formula, often working 15-16 hours, no weekends and no concept of family. This may be the saying that "the sky does not produce a man without a way". Until 2010, the first batch of self-produced mouse pads of Capable Rubber appeared. The boss was as happy as a child, holding his own product: mouse pad, Like a treasure! Since then, PADMAT@ has embarked on a path of no return in the production and research and development of mouse pads.

So, today, every time a customer comes to PADMAT@ to see the factory, they are full of praise for our company's internal management and products. In fact, it is not easy to feel relieved. At present, PADMAT@ mainly manufactures mouse pads for domestic and foreign computer peripheral brands. There are many world-renowned companies as partners for more than 5 years, such as: Lenovo, ASUS, Logitech, Xiaomi, Handu Yishe, Eric, Jin Ston...

The reputation of customers is the prerequisite for the survival of the company. The biggest feature of PADMAT@ is that it innovates every day, whether it is internal management of the company or product innovation. In the mind of the boss, PADMAT@ is not a simple rubber factory, but hopes to become a mouse pad industry. "Foxconn".


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