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It is better to find a reliable foundry than to spend a lot of effort on Youtube to find Internet celebrities to evaluate the mouse pad.

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producted natrual rubber foam roll material are widely used in mouse pad,heating mouse pad, floor mat,door mat,yoga mat,desk mat,non-woven bar mat,beer mat,gaming mat,damp-proof mats, shock-proof mats, tent mats and so on.Daily production of natural rubber foam roll material 17000mmy;full technically independent and can produce rubber foam rolls and sheets with different properties according to different customer requirements.

There is a misunderstanding among many brand companies that have just made computer peripherals. They always think that the mouse pad is too simple. As long as the design is cool enough, they can copy Razer,

Steelseries/Sairui.....thicker, bigger, and cheaper than them, and then spend some money to find a Youtube celebrity to review, write a long review report, strongly recommended as an editor, and then go to major brands Video website forums and post bars repost, flicker, and fierce battles among the trolls, then brand awareness and sales will increase by leaps and bounds, and the money will flow in like water.

Therefore, the interlacing is like a mountain!

A New York brand owner came to China in January and was seriously fooled. At that time, they visited the production site of Capable Rubber when they came to China. To be honest, we didn't have a good chat at the time. According to the psychology of a general factory, when a customer comes to your factory, the chances are more than half. But that day, I really felt that I could not continue the pleasant chat. When they entered my factory, the first sentence was: This is very simple, there is no technical content, and the cost of a mat is only a few cents...


Therefore, when I was asked to quote later, I didn't take it seriously. I felt that this kind of customer was the master of fooling around with junk materials. When they visited our workshop, they asked to take pictures, but I declined! Sorry, the company stipulates that the workshop cannot take pictures. If customers take pictures, our business will be fined......

They seem a little unhappy, is it that serious? Let's take a picture of the production site, not take your stuff...

I'm sorry, the company rules, I can't change it, I hope you can understand... I explained.

Well, we still have to go to other factories to see, there are many mouse pad factories around to see, sure, let's get in touch again! parted ways

In this way, they left, and I didn't take it seriously, because I have received many customers like this. I don't respect other people's labor and despise others, and I won't succeed soon in the end. Haha, I'm just a dog crow's mouth.


I don't know how long it took, but one day, I suddenly found a mouse pad Hengping comment on Youtube: perfect......, super awesome! Absolutely a supreme being. If I hadn't seen the details of this mat, I might have felt that I was being too judgmental, and regretting the loss of a delivery customer. When I was regretting and admiring the passing opportunity, I was surprised to find that the rough workmanship was undoubtedly exposed, the edge, the cloth surface, and the effect of the silk screen printing... faint! This is also called Hengping? I hurriedly clicked on the link left by the experts, it was their Amazon, and then looked at sales, consumer reviews, haha... the eyes of the masses can't be deceived, it will be on the shelves on October 2, and it will arrive in November On the 23rd, 3 sales orders, 3 mats, retail price 98.00 yuan. Look at the comments again, 100% bad reviews.

At this time, I no longer feel any regrets, but feel sorry for their recklessness and casual perfunctory. Explosive models are for those craftsmen who strive for perfection

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